About us

There's a German saying, that you can't compare apples to pears. This was our inspiration for Groushka! Groushka [ grUʃka ], which means "pear" in many Slavic languages, presents exactly that: incomparable, unique and yet undiscovered Retro and Post Soviet Chic Design. 

What is Post Soviet Chic?

Definitely a neologism of our founders! But it hits the nail on the head. Because Groushka presents designs that

  • come from designers from countries that were formerly ascribed to the so-called "East
  • have a certain design touch from that time
  • combine elements of brutalism and decorative chic, functionality and decoration

Our Vision

With Groushka we want to create a unique place where old aesthetics meet new design forms. Far away from dusty retro looks, we present unique retro design by Eastern European designers who manage to bring together apparent opposites: old and new, brutality and beauty, functionality and playfulness - exactly what makes Post Soviet Chic so unique.

The Products

Our products are mainly handmade and made of ecologically sustainable material. Some designs have a long tradition, while others break with it or continue it in a way that is innovative and unique. All products are made in the EU - mostly directly in the designers' studios or in local joineries or manufactures.
We work together with small studios and individual designers as well as with larger designer collectives. Far away from mass-produced goods we are always looking for that certain something - not least because of this, many of our products are custom-made products, which are made to order especially for our customers. 

The faces behind Groushka

They love new design, but they also can't part with the old patterns and shapes from grandmother's living room - the sisters Magda and Anna founded Groushka in 2019 with the vision to share exactly this love for new and old design forms with other people and to pass on the fascination for them to as many people as possible. 

You still have questions about our concept or our products? Then please contact us at support@groushka.com, on Facebook or Instagram.

Otherwise: Have fun browsing and shopping!